Different Types of Hygienic Cladding for Your Home

Hygiene is an important part of every home and should be maintained all the time. What it does, is prevents disease-causing germs from intruding your home and adversely impacting the health of your entire family. Hence, it is extremely important for everyone to take hygienic cladding very seriously, at least for the welfare of everyone living in the house.

Wall hygienic cladding is best-suited for houses that need refurbishing or transformation. Food industry or health care centres are primary places which has hygienic cladding. The cladding works efficiently in maintaining a high level of hygiene with the help of materials like PVC, Polypropylene and other anti-bacterial compounds.

If you want to know more about hygienic cladding and kitchen splash backs, read on.

PVC hygienic cladding for walls

PVC hygienic cladding is available in many sizes and thickness, based on what your needs are. They are known for their strength and rigidity and are considered as one of the best alternatives for tiles and paint.

Kitchen wall cladding

Kitchen wall cladding or kitchen splash backs provide 100% waterproof solutions. Cladding  makes for a very smooth plastic covering that are easy to clean, thereby making the kitchen more hygienic and free from dirt, soot and other toxic elements which could be life-hazardous.

Wet room fittings

Wet room fitting does its job in bathrooms and is appropriate for adding waterproof solutions. The specialised waterproof floor solutions not only help maintain a clean and hygienic floor but also adds to the aesthetics.

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