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Things to Consider When Planning to Install a Wet Room

If you want to install a wet room but have no idea about where to start, here are some recommendations which you may want to think about before installing a wet room.

Save your space by installing a wet room:
With an average sized bathroom, a wet room is an ideal way to make the most of your space. By fitting a wet room you can actually optimize your space while creating an open feel.

Choosing the right bathroom wall:
This is very important that you choose the right wall because this is the most eye-catching aspect of your wet room. Choose a professional company who knows how to make your bathroom walls stand out.

Solve awkward space issues:
Wet rooms are no doubt a good option if your bathroom is an awkward shape. These rooms give you a step-free showering space that is a great option especially if you have mobility issues.

Choosing the right tiles:
You want to choose the right wet room tiles to enhance the look of your space. Also you may want to be sure if the tiles are not slippery when wet. It is also important to remember some tiles need resealing and require regular maintenance.

Ensure the wet room floor is stable:
It is essential to ensure that the wooden sub-floor is thoroughly stable. Because unstable wet room floors can cause falls and it could cause problems with the drainage of waste water.

Consider under floor heating:
Under floor heating is another thing you may want to think about when installing a wet room. It helps stabilise the humidity of the room and takes off the chill from the tiled floor.

Get the right drainage:
It is suggested to create a slope in the floor to ensure the water drains away properly. For this, you can buy a pre-formed tray. Experienced bathroom installers know what is right for you and will help you get you the right drainage system.

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